Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Starbies, the Gay Friend & Curb Potential

I know I've been a little slack in posting this week. Coming off of Spring Break was a bit harder than I thought ... I'm back on the Starbucks train, which I had managed to deboard for almost a week. Being on the train is much more pleasant for all those involved, though, so I'll take one for the team. Just don't tell my dad! As for the update in my dating life, there isn't much because I was out of town for the weekend. I went home to help Miss V choose bridesmaid dresses. They say weddings are a good place to meet dates, but this will be the fourth one in a year or so, and I haven't met any potential dates. Maybe you need to bring a date in order to meet another one ... I need to find that "stand-by" guy that will attend all the occasions where I need a date. You know, the gay or completely a-sexual (to me anyway) friend that you completely adore. Whatever happened to him?

I digress ... Now for the update:
Friday, as I am shutting down my computer to leave work and head to my hometown for the weekend, I get a call from the Redhead. He's in town this weekend and wants to get together. Nice notice. When I return from the weekend, I see that the SG sent an email about an hour after I left on Friday.

What is the deal?????

Don't these men realize that they should contact me at least 2 days in advance of a potential date? Believe me, I don't subscribe to the dating rules book or anything, but I actually do have a life, a pretty great one if you ask me, and I am not putting my plans on hold, waiting for a boy to call. I guess it is better than the CJG who would IM me approximately 10 minutes before he wanted to see me. Or better yet, call when he was "in the neighborhood." Ha! Needless to say, I was just not spontaneous enough for him. Well, sorry kids, but if you manage to squeeze your little scrawny ass into my plentiful social life, you probably belong there. If not, let me introduce you to my good friend, The Curb.

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