Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Real First Date with SG

SG and I had our first real date. The first first date was a double date with the couple that set us up, so it didn't really count. Although I thought the first one went well, I wasn't sure if it was because of the other couple or not. Not to mention, on a double date you can never really look face to face with your date because you are always sitting beside them.

Anyway, I thought the real date went well despite my lurking head cold. I tried to keep my head down to earth during the conversations, but a couple of times he went financial-speak on me, and well, you know. I don't think he noticed. Did I mention he was a finance guy? Does some type of due diligence for clients or something. Accounting and I just don't get along well, so I'm glad someone likes it. Credit, debit, whatever.

He walked me to the door again, which I thought was very nice. Only a small peck, but seemed awkward ... Maybe that was my fault. I never know what to do when a man is acting like a gentleman, so I freak out and try to get out of the situation. I thought it would be best to give him a peck, say good-night and get inside! Not to mention I have a cold (so a full kiss was out of the question), there are extremely bright lights at my front door and all the desk folk can see what's going on at the door on camera. I'm not one to be the center of attention, especially while showing any signs of affection. Ick!

All in all, not sure how he feels at all, but I would definitely see him again. Unfortunately, that would be date three, and we all know about date three. Or do we? Ah, material for another post ...

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