Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Oops - I haven't written Nerd Alert (NA - seemingly appropriate initials) back yet. The email is sitting in my drafts. I can't come up with what to say.

Sure, I'd like that? Um, no.

How about you introduce me to all of your friends and then never try to talk to me again?

Or maybe it is just too late at this point to be anything but honest - I didn't really feel a connection with you ... I forget every time I agree to a set-up that inevitably one of us will reject the other. I guess that is until the "one" shows his ... uh, face.

So match.com has a new site called 'chemistry' which looks to be more like eharmony, but with the unique match.com cheese. you can't search & they send you matches & you say yes or no. on another side note, match has made it so you can't see the people who email you unless you subscribe - they finally caught on to the "you can hit me at 'sexyman' at y! dot com" trick. oh well, guess you gotta resort to the onion for free online dating. I think I'll just go drinking with my friends and hit up all the men for drinks ... much cheaper and usually more entertaining (as well as productive). Sometimes, it is even entertaining for the men.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Half a Glass

So Nerd Alert from the company holiday party sends me an email today. He so intuitively observed that the "set-up" meeting was awkward (he unmistakably has a keen eye for the obvious) and thought we should meet under less pressure for coffee or something soon.

How am I supposed to respond to that? I am COMPLETELY not interested, but we really didn't get a chance to chat or whatever. So, if I say no, I look like a self-centered, pretentious bitch. If I say yes, I have to suffer through a coffee date that I have zero interest in having.

Tis the season for giving? Or is it better that I sacrifice looking like a complete superficial bitch in order to spare us both wasted time? Then again, if I try to see the glass half-full, I could possibly meet some new single folks at my job since I know very few there now. I guess I'll see what mood strikes me in the morning when I email him back.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not such a prize

no more faith in my boss's judgment on men. do i come off as that much of a geek? wow. he was nice enough, but nothing fantastic. and he left the table to get a drink and didn't ask if i would like something. my glass was empty within arm's reach of him. total turnoff. i don't mean to be superficial, but i consider that an important detail that indicates a man's attention to detail of a woman's needs and just simple manners.

Oh well, next???

holiday fun

Tonight is the company's annual holiday party. I have been to very few social events with this company over the past year, but this one sounds like an event I shouldn’t miss. Not to mention, my boss wouldn’t let me out of it if I tried. She wants to introduce me to a guy that works here. She is all about setting me up on dates. I think I am the replacement for her daughter who is on the other side of the country currently. It is sweet in a way, but also a bit awkward. Also, I have a terrible sinus cold, so I’m sure right as she is introducing us, I’ll cough up a big hunk of phlegm. Men love that in a woman, right? Even if he allows that to pass and continues to chat with me, I am so doped up on meds, when added to wine, I am surely not able to hold anything resembling a socially-acceptable conversation ….

Thursday, December 08, 2005


It has been a while since I have had a “crush” on anyone. You know, that feeling you get about someone that just makes you giggle, and you don’t know why? I currently have 2 definite crushes. They seem to be popping up all over the place, and I can't control it.

Maybe “they” are right – when you aren’t looking is when they show up.

Whatever it is, I feel like a teenager. Can’t stop thinking about one or the other. One I have never even spoken to. New guy at work – sooooo cute and always smiles at me when we pass in the hallway. And, based on his resume, he’s pretty darn smart, too. Love that in a guy.

Guy #2 has a much longer history. Known him for quite a while, had a crush on him when I first met him, got to know him, got over it, and now it seems to be back. I hate to even admit it because I don’t WANT to like him, but I guess I can’t really deny it. I do my best not to give him any more attention than I would anyone else, but I have recently found that he is always around – conveniently wanting to do the same things I want to do ... and pay for it all, too. Grrrrr.

And apparently I am being “set-up” tonight. I guess more of a big happy hour and both of us will be there. I trust ermmagirl's judgment, so it should be interesting. I guess this means I’m back from my dating hiatus!