Monday, January 23, 2006

retainer agreement

Redhead - I didn't get call from you this weekend.

Me - Was I supposed to call you this weekend?

Redhead - only if you were interested in my services

Me - Well, I don't like to take advantage of a benefit.

Redhead - Didn't you know that I am on call? You call, I provide services in exchange for participation from you.

That is what lawyers call a retainer agreement.

Friday, January 13, 2006

double duty

Earlier this week I met the work nerd for … tea? Who meets for tea in the 21st century? I am not a huge tea fan, but what the hell. Come to find out, he really isn’t a big tea drinker either! He is a really nice guy and the meeting wasn’t bad, just not exciting. He’s a little younger than me, but from Canada – may have to keep him in my back pocket in case I decide I need to head to the border one day …

Later that same night …

A booty call from the redhead. He is “in the neighborhood”. Sure you are. Not that I’m complaining, of course. From the very beginning of our ‘relationship’ the redhead has been urging me to invite one or more of my girlfriends to join us. He also suggested that we invite another couple to join us. When I used the excuse that I wasn’t aware of any of my friends that would be interested, he started looking at ads in the City Paper for places to meet people who would be. Soon after that things went downhill for me personally, and we really didn’t see much of each other. He has apparently picked up where we left off.

He wants us to go here:


This is a lifestyle club that allows only couples and single women to enter. It is supposed to be an upscale, club environment for people over 21. The average age is around 27-30. No sex, no nudity allowed, but “propositions” highly encouraged. Although he has definitely aroused my curiosity, I am not sure I am ready to go yet. I tried to tell him that the people would not be as glamorous as the website indicates. There may be a couple of hotties, but in general, the hotties will be paid by the club to be there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am open to new experiences sexually and otherwise – willing to try just about anything once. Maybe I am just not comfortable going with HIM. Or maybe I need time to get used to the idea – or, most likely, he just needs to catch me after a few drinks!

Monday, January 09, 2006

double standards

why is it that women have few issues with loving on other women while men have to sit a seat apart in movie theaters? women in general are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality than men. men have always been the sexual predators, and all of a sudden things are changing. men are slow to accept change while women tend to roll with it much better. We like gay men, we like gay porn, hell ... we just like porn and could care less who is involved. Men are much more static in their preferences. Guys seem to think admitting that a guy is attractive or befriending a gay man immediately makes him homosexually-suspect.

I'd like to let all of you men in on a little secret: women like men who are tolerant and accepting of gay men. They are like our best girlfriends - you dis them, they convince us to dump you. That simple. Like it.

For example, a few of us women got together the other night, had way too many drinks and ended up smooching on each other. I think it may have been quite a spectacle at the bar, but we didn't really notice. It was fun, but I think it is more because we know the effect it has on men (i.e., attention), we also know that potential or current male dates encourage it, and there are no strings attached. Straight women can smooch on other women without any fear of repercussions. Double standard? It is about time one fell in our favor ...

Red Skinned Apple Tax

The Redskins are in the playoffs, I passed my tax class, prince signed with a real record company, and fiona apple released a new album ... all in all, seems like it may be a crazy year of firsts in quite a long time. (okay, so fiona's album was technically released in 2005, but who really honestly noticed after a 6 year hiatus???).

Things are starting to feel normal again. Not that I am sure what normal is, but this will work. I don't feel too crazy. But then again, classes start in less than 12 hours for me, so I'm wondering how long that feeling will last. But I am purely enjoying the feeling for now.

The Redhead made an appearance last week ... just long enough to satisfy my cravings. He was cat-sick for the rest of the week. Poor guy. Not sure what he is thinking, but it was good to see him again on my terms. I like him when he's around and when I am talking to him, but don't really miss him when he is not. I think about calling him, but then I choose sleep instead. Is that an adult thing or a "i'm not really interested" thing? Maybe a little of both.

I'm still trying to work on that cold I've been fighting for several weeks ... ever since I got my flu shot, hmmmm. Not that I really think that has anything to do with it, but it is a rather fishy coincidence. Not to mention that I have probably had an alcoholic beverage (or 10) every day other than 2 since that time either, but what does that matter?

Although not one of those fanatic female football fans, if you're looking for me, i'll be at the bar chanting for the skins to beat the sheikh this weekend ... GO SKINS!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

still hanging in there

my NYE was overall a great time. Just a few of us good friends together at my pad - lots of drinks, munchies, kisses and poker. Not surprisingly, the evening ended around 6am with lots of drama. Once sobered up, we are all doing just fine!

2005 has a been a slow dating year for me, but 2006 looks a bit more promising! not only do i have a "light" semester & graduate this year, but also a few dark horses are in the running and the Red Head has started making suggestive comments rather frequently recently. Is he willing to risk cat allergies and visit? we will see. i guess it is somewhat appropriate to end the year talking to him since i started it talking to him. Party Boy has made contact, but seemingly more of a friend thing. The Hottie is off the market currently, which is a damn shame - but admittedly for the best. SG and luckily the anonymous work geek & Rugby Boy were never to be heard from again. The Neighbor moved to Kentucky. The work nerd alert and I are making plans to meet for coffee or a drink soon.

I ran into the Vegetarian at a holiday party and had to struggle to leave the conversation - he was not going anywhere as long as I was willing to talk to him. Even my step-mom noticed!

My True Love is growing like a, well, kitten! And taught his brother to like beer, too!

The recent crushes are fading away quickly - out of sight, out of mind. #2 moved to a new floor in the building & I have only spent one evening with #1 since the original post. but alas, school is starting again in less than a week. stay tuned ...