Monday, March 07, 2005


Where the hell is spring already?!?!? Today was just an evil tease to remind me that it is still winter, I'm still in school, and although Spring Break, I still have to work all week. I've been in a do nothing funk for a couple of weeks now. Not bad enough to keep me at home mind you (read the last few entries), but I have zero motivation to do much of anything else. Instead I search for ex-boyfriends' wedding websites (found them! that does wonders for your ego) and eat too many Healthy Choice mini chocolate chip cookies. At least I do all this while sitting on my new couch! It is beautiful, although broken ... it will be replaced.

What spawned me to look for yet another ex-datee's wedding website was nothing other than an IM from his fiancee! Talk about odd. I went out with this guy (Tom Cruise look alike) ONCE, and we've spoken on IM a couple of times a month since. I mean, honestly, what the hell? After several iterations back and forth of trying to reassure this loon that she was really worried about nothing (why do I bother?), she finally either bought it or gave up. Although TC referred to her as his girlfriend that he was trying to get back together with, their wedding website does in fact say they have been dating since about the time I met him, and they are getting married next month! Not that I care in the least either way.

Where do I find these men? Oh yeah, Remember kids, quantity, not quality is what you get at those sites. It is entertaining, but exactly like a bar -- good for entertainment, but not where I plan to meet the man I marry. Of course, considering I drink more than most fish, there is no doubt I'll at least be drunk when I meet him! Speaking of, where did I set that glass of wine ... ?

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