Sunday, March 20, 2005


The phone rings.
What are you wearing?
You aren’t serious, are you?

He was serious. This was an extension to a rather unexpected ending to a entertaining, but not all that exciting date. It started innocent and uneventful enough. Dinner and a movie. Macaroni Grill of all places. Not bad I guess, but not really all that great either. Maybe we need to school him. Look at him. He can’t dress. Of course we need to school him. Not to mention we need to work on that whole not drinking thing. But he did mention going out to places around the area, so I have to assume he isn’t against drinking per se, just not in to doing it himself. He ordered flavored iced tea. I had water. Next time I will have wine. I’ll need it to prepare me for what he may pull out of that hat of his.

Be Cool was surprising entertaining. A somewhat fitting analogy for the entire date. I had very low expectations, and they were exceeded. Considering my last few dates (other than the SG) have only lowered the bar, I must say this was a pleasant surprise. Not that anything amazingly fantastic happened (other than the make out session in the car and the phone call afterwards), but it was nice that nothing horrible happened. Is this what my standards have come to after all this time? Just being satisfied with the not so horrible?

Miss V’s fiancée will hate him. That’s what kept going through my head the entire night. Not sure why, other than the fact that he seemed to be straight-laced and not much of a party guy. But then again, he keeps surprising me: the suggestion to come up to my place (thank god my place was dirty, and I opted against that glass of wine!), the surprising kiss at the end that turned into a rather intensive make-out session in the car (are we 16?), and of course the phone call. Two days ago, I considered him safe, but basic and boring. Now I’m not so sure I know him at all …


  1. I am jealous that you made out with someone else in a car, I thought that was OUR special place.

    *sheds tear*

    But, the phone sex totally ROCKS. I love it, it’s so dirty.

  2. Boing.

    You can leave your belt in Ermmagirl's car any day. Just take pictures next time, mmmkay?


  3. Giiiiiiirrrrrrl, you don't even know the half of it!

    And Chad, my love, you are the photographer, remember?????? You just need to make an effort to show up next time.

  4. Oh I am *SO* there.

    Clicky click.