Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Current Status

Those are probably the major highlights of the past year. I am now dating a couple of guys (okay, 3 if you want to be technical), but all of which are VERY casual. A date here and there and all less than 3 dates each. Let's name them, shall we?

We have the redhead govt contracts attorney who is 4o, but definitely doesn't look or act that much older than me. Met him on match last year ... he pursued me persistently until I gave in and met him for coffee in November. Finals and the holidays happened, and I didn't see him again until a couple of weeks ago for lunch. Then work happened and he's in Florida pretty much full time for a few weeks .... we'll call him "the redhead" for now.

Next is a guy I was set-up with by an ex-coworker. Only been on a group date with him, so not sure about it yet, but going well so far. He is by far the most well-mannered date I've had (or at least remember) since moving to DC. He needs a name ... how about SG for "Southern Gentleman"?

Third, there is an ex-coworker. Not really my type, but super nice guy and very interesting. I'm thinking I need to nip this one in the bud before I really feel bad, though. Any suggestions for a name? Oh, he's a vegetarian ... we'll use that.

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