Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does Jobless Equate Increased Need to Date? Even worse: Can you think of a more unattractive statement to state on a first date?? I can't. Most men I've met do not really want to date an intelligent, independent, professional woman - much less one that is also unemployed. Or maybe the unemployed factor overcomes the independent issue - suddenly I need support - emotional and/or financial. Is that what a man really wants - to be 'needed'? If so, sign me up. My friends have been telling me to sign up for one of the online dating sites. That the expense would be worth the free dinners my dates would buy, and hell, I have so much more time on my hands now that I'm not working. Two problems with that scenario. I still have issues with "expecting" a man to pay and looking for a job is actually more time consuming than a job. But maybe we could call it networking ... hmmmmmm. There's an idea.

Currently, I don't have the energy for both. I can date or I can go on interviews. I choose the latter for now. I have a mortgage to pay. Unless, of course, there is some really hot, super kind, sugar daddy out there that wants to support me for a while during my job search. Any takers?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Dreaded Holiday

Although I have not been blogging regularly, I feel as though I would be remiss to not post on Valentine's Day. I mean, this is a blog about dating after all. So what does a single chick like me do on this holiday made for couples? I am planning a girl evening in with a few friends - good wine, good food, and probably a couple chick flicks thrown in as well. And this won't be one of those parties where we just sit around bashing men - the host is married (hubby is out of town, of course). More of just an excuse to have a chill night at home. Since I have been trying to save a little moula recently (or at least not spend so much on food and drinks), this sounds like a perfect evening to me.

I am sure there are plenty of single chicks out there who stressed over the need to have a date for tonight, but I am not one of them. In fact, I know I could have managed to have a date tonight, but I really hate the pressure of the holiday - on me and the guy. I'm not a big Valentine's Day person anyway, so I figure it is best to avoid it all together. So, cheers to just another Saturday night in with the ladies!