Thursday, March 10, 2005

Barbie short bus on the highway to hell

Technically this post is not about the dc dating scene, but last night definitely deserves to be memorialized. And hell, we were at one of the newest, hippest dating spots in Arlington. That counts for something, right? Sure it does. What started out as a suggestion to a few friends to get together for happy hour ended up as a large night of complete drunken debauchery. At almost thirty, you think we'd be past this by now, but oh no ...

So we start out with red wine and apps.

By the end of the night, we have a $250 tab, and the waiter we'd been torturing all night finally refused to serve us another bottle of wine.

But that is not all ...

I hear that I touched tongues with Miss V's fiancee. Who tells me? Miss V, who isn't the least bit mad, just disturbed (I'm glad I don't remember it!). Yes, she was there, and if she had thought of it first, would have been the instigator. Apparently this was a ploy to turn on the only other guy in the group for me. I'm sure it made sense at the time ... maybe.

Also ermmagirl comes to the realization that she is immensely pissed at her husband, Chad, who isn't even part of the party last night. No, while listening to her favorite indie band on the way home, she decides that Chad has stunted her growth ...


And boy, is she pissed about it. When he comes home, he finds a drunk bitchy ermmagirl who refuses to talk to him for absolutely no reason. She's so mad, she won't even tell him why she's mad. Needless to say, they laughed about it the next morning.

We all wake up the next morning with amazing hangovers, but somehow all make it to work. Of course, we are IMing about last night instead of working, but hey, we are there!

Okay kids, I'm not feeling all that inspired right now, so comment away!!!


  1. Let’s also not forget that I have chosen a new career path – fashion design. My first line of clothes will be centered around “The Spilled Wine” look. I need to make a public apology to Mr. Todd for adding a little purple to his pink shirt – and then SOAKING him with soda water to try and get it out.

  2. Just want to say that despite the HUGE hangover I did manage to find and put a stop to a 1.6M mistake at work...and I was feeling good about ability to continue on despite the throbbing head and cotton mouth...then some byach had to reheat CHINESE in the microwave. The puking commenced and I had to head home at 3:30. I was SO close to appearing responsible!

  3. I forgot to ask...does anyone remember how I may have bruised the backside of BOTH of my thighs? What WAS I doing? Even my poor fiance has no clue. I was hoping it was some crazy sexual feat...but alas, Im sure I just fell somewhere.

  4. I took Tara to a GWAR show! How can that stunt anyone? That's culture! Heathens!