Tuesday, August 30, 2005

meat in a can

sorry about the blog comment spam. you will now have to use word verification in order to post a comment. hope you kids can deal with it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

reverting to buttercup

remember back in high school and college when it was acceptable, almost expected that you smooched on boys in your close friend circle? unless you are on a tv sitcom, this behavior does not seem like a smart move once you are past a certain point in your life. not that i know exactly when that point was. and apparently, i either haven't moved past it or have chosen to ignore it. nah, i think it is the alcohol. and the fact that i know it isn't smart. and maybe just because everyone keeps telling me it isn't a good idea.

i think he's been looking for this opportunity for a while, got lucky that i have decided to binge drink the past week, and he happened to be there flirting.

lucky for me, my friends sent me and him in opposite directions saturday night. ermmagirl is the queen of cockblocks. i was so hammered that i hit my head on my bathroom tile floor and now have a bruise on my eyelid! glad purple eyeshadow is back in style this year ...

and you thought i would grow out of this behavior!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

diet dr pepper

I stroll into work one day to find an unopened diet dr pepper bottle on my desk. Underneath the bottle is a note:

Thought you would enjoy this. Have a good day. –M

Who is M? Who knows I like diet dr pepper? Hell, who knows me at all at work? People I see around the office flash through my mind, but for the life of me I cannot recall one whose name begins with an M. It occurred to me that I shouldn't take a drink from a stranger -- much like what your parents tell you when you are little at Halloween. But lord knows, I've taken more than that from a stranger at a bar without even knowing the first initial of his name. So, I said fuck it and drank it.

A bit later, I get an email from a hotmail account. The sender’s name comes up as “M****** L********” and the address is something random and nondescript. M says he likes my new hair color and hopes I enjoyed the drink. I thank him and ask if I know him.

No, but he has seen me around. Am I interested in lunch sometime? Does it bother me if he is younger than I am?

No, you freak, it bothers me that you know who I am, have access to my office, know my email address, know how old I am, know what I drink, but will not tell me who you are or ask me out like a normal person. I wonder who he is, how he knows how old I am, and if his balls are visible to the naked eye. I vote no considering he actually thought this was an acceptable way to approach a woman. I didn't bother to reply this time. Thanks for playing, but no. I like my men with spines. He may as well have had a friend pass me a note during homeroom:

Do you think M is cute? Circle one: Yes, No or Maybe

Friday, August 19, 2005

stage 5 clinger

went out with rugby boy a few nights ago. i now realize why i wasn't all that excited about him in the first place. he is a doormat. he is the epitome of "too nice."

and needy

we had drinks and a small bite. i begrudgingly accepted his invite to go to Iota for one more drink. he then offered to ride in the cab with me "to see that i got home safe." i made it perfectly clear that i was tired, drunk and not interested in having him come back to my place. so, of course, he did just that. he said it was so he could "sober up" and then drive home. please.

so i did what any reasonable girl would do: i excused myself to the bathroom and never came back.

the fact that i was curled up on my bed asleep in my clothes should have been clue number 653 that i was not interested, but alas, he decided that i needed to be held, and he curled up beside me!! when he FINALLY left in the morning, i didn't even see him out. just let him leave.

the doormat has no self-respect. he is still sending me text messages and emails. he told dragonfly that he thought i was sad. how about not interested, buddy???? get a clue.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


For the second tuesday in a row, the redhead has called from chipotle in my neighborhood to see if he should deliver my a burrito. pun fully intended. last week i said no. tonight i was hungry.

(pms rules ALWAYS)

I ate the WHOLE thing, and it was good. But, alas, no sex. Barely even a kiss. Not sure what is going on, but he is obviously still interested. He came over even after I told him about my new love. he is extremely allegeric, but still willing to try. sucker.

my new love

it has finally happened. i am totally and completely in love. i am so unashamed that i am willing to post a picture of him without fear. ain't he just purely irresistible???