Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Patience is a Virtue ...

A virtue I don't have. I am having a good boy week so far: several emails from both boys (Redhead and SG) basically chatting me up about nothing. Neither asking me out for the weekend, just checkin' in. That is definitely a good sign, right? So "they" say. Then why don't I feel very excited about it? Maybe because I am much more worried about getting a decent smooch out of all of this than I am witty email conversation. In today's world of online dating, coffee dates, and speed dating, the whole notion of conventional courtships seems archaic and slow moving. I am soooo impatient! Of course, if he dared contact me every day and expected to see me every weekend, his ass would be thrown to the curb faster than a NY minute! I just want to get passed all the song and dance and of the dating ritual.

I would definitely fail that test where they put the kid in the room with a twinkie and tell her if she doesn't devour it as soon as she is alone in the room, she'll get two in the future. Nope, I'd eat the twinkie and then be left with the zits, fat feeling and no extra twinkie. In the long run, I guess that's okay because 2 twinkies would just lead to more zits and more time on the treadmill. How does all this relate to my 2 dates? I have no idea ... as usual, I lost my train of thought and boarded a completely different one going in the exact opposite direction. But maybe you can tell me where I was going.

Hey, this is my blog, and I'll write whatever I want dammit!

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