Friday, June 01, 2007


It has been a while since my last blog. Not because I haven’t wanted to blog, but more because I am typically so TIRED of sitting in front of a computer, I really can’t imagine using this as the release it used to be. I’m not sure what changed. Venting to a non-accusing forum of an anonymous blog used to be the ultimate form of release. I could say anything and not feel an ounce of guilt and feel so completely relieved.

My life has changed and it really has little to do with my new dating life, although most would assume differently since I haven’t blogged since I started dating my wonderful beau. It has much more to do with my change of priorities. I have decided that doing NOTHING is completely underrated and is actually a GOOD thing. Most people say they wish to have nothing to do, but that is such a lie. Those people can’t survive on a lack of something to do or a or way to make themselves appear busy. I, on the other had, have learned that having nothing to do is a beautiful affair. There really is an art to doing NOTHING. Good luck chewing on that one. No one really understands it, including me. But I hope I will soon enough!

More later ….