Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cruise calls it off

I get an email from the Tom Cruise look alike today. He has NEVER emailed me before, so I know this is odd. I had IMed him last night when I saw him online, but he never responded. Turns out that he and his new girlfriend were on the computer, and she apparently got very upset that I had sent an IM. So, he sends a rather abrupt email asking me to never IM him again. SORRY dude! Did you ever tell me you had a freakishly jealous girlfriend??? I think not. I thought about replying with some smart ass email stating that he could IM me anytime because, unlike himself, I would never let a jealous boyfriend control me or dictate whom I could talk to (and for all of you grammar nazis, yes I KNOW I ended the sentence in a preposition and i MEANT to *gasp* -- this is my blog, it sounds better that way, and you can just deal). Again, I'm too nice and sent a "sure, you got it, whatever dude" type email. Not nearly as satisfying, but that's why I'm doing this blog, right?


  1. Tom Cruise is a Scientologist anyway. You don't strike me as an "E-Meter" type of girl. But you probably have a closet full of Thetans.

  2. And you said I wouldn't want you to comment. Ha!

    Love the skeletor pic!