Tuesday, January 03, 2006

still hanging in there

my NYE was overall a great time. Just a few of us good friends together at my pad - lots of drinks, munchies, kisses and poker. Not surprisingly, the evening ended around 6am with lots of drama. Once sobered up, we are all doing just fine!

2005 has a been a slow dating year for me, but 2006 looks a bit more promising! not only do i have a "light" semester & graduate this year, but also a few dark horses are in the running and the Red Head has started making suggestive comments rather frequently recently. Is he willing to risk cat allergies and visit? we will see. i guess it is somewhat appropriate to end the year talking to him since i started it talking to him. Party Boy has made contact, but seemingly more of a friend thing. The Hottie is off the market currently, which is a damn shame - but admittedly for the best. SG and luckily the anonymous work geek & Rugby Boy were never to be heard from again. The Neighbor moved to Kentucky. The work nerd alert and I are making plans to meet for coffee or a drink soon.

I ran into the Vegetarian at a holiday party and had to struggle to leave the conversation - he was not going anywhere as long as I was willing to talk to him. Even my step-mom noticed!

My True Love is growing like a, well, kitten! And taught his brother to like beer, too!

The recent crushes are fading away quickly - out of sight, out of mind. #2 moved to a new floor in the building & I have only spent one evening with #1 since the original post. but alas, school is starting again in less than a week. stay tuned ...

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