Monday, January 09, 2006

double standards

why is it that women have few issues with loving on other women while men have to sit a seat apart in movie theaters? women in general are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality than men. men have always been the sexual predators, and all of a sudden things are changing. men are slow to accept change while women tend to roll with it much better. We like gay men, we like gay porn, hell ... we just like porn and could care less who is involved. Men are much more static in their preferences. Guys seem to think admitting that a guy is attractive or befriending a gay man immediately makes him homosexually-suspect.

I'd like to let all of you men in on a little secret: women like men who are tolerant and accepting of gay men. They are like our best girlfriends - you dis them, they convince us to dump you. That simple. Like it.

For example, a few of us women got together the other night, had way too many drinks and ended up smooching on each other. I think it may have been quite a spectacle at the bar, but we didn't really notice. It was fun, but I think it is more because we know the effect it has on men (i.e., attention), we also know that potential or current male dates encourage it, and there are no strings attached. Straight women can smooch on other women without any fear of repercussions. Double standard? It is about time one fell in our favor ...

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