Monday, May 02, 2005

who am i??

i was soooo wrong about myself.
i really am evil.
possibly bezlebub himself.

i give into temptation, and the buffet is full of it as we well know. saturday it was a text message from Party Boy (the one from the wedding reception). The name is appropriate, but I'll leave that for another post. He suggests a low-key dinner study-break, and I go for it.


Soon after that, I receive a surprise call from the Redhead who wants to bring me Starbucks while I'm studying. (Everyone together now: "Awwwwwww"). Who could resist that? Not ms willpower herself. Unfortunately, he wasn't on his way, and was coming by my place in an hour and a half or so ... approximately an hour before Party Boy picks me up. Hmmmmm. Uh oh. So I think quickly, tell PB that I'll need an extra half hour and tell the RH that I made dinner plans with Ms Dragonfly. He still brings me my caramel macchiatto, and we play around until I realize that it is after 7 ... PB will be here in less than 30 mins!! I basically push RH out the door, touch up my make-up, brush my hair and squirt on some perfume. Voila!

Then the guilt sets in ... HARD. Not because I'm technically doing anything wrong, but because I had to lie to do it. I guess I could have told RH that I had a date since we haven't made any commitments to each other, but that just seems like I'm rubbing it in his face. Besides, guilt isn't anything a couple of grey goose and cranberries won't take care of ...

Turns out, PB takes me to a very nice dinner at Ortanique with a group of his friends. Then on to dessert, which consisted of several chocolate martinis for all of us. Way too many martinis later, I'm back at his place, and his roommate is offering me scrubs to sleep in. How do I get myself into these situations?? Oh yeah, my best friend Al Cohol puts me there. Party Boy tries to molest me, but other than the fact that he really can kiss well (yum), there isn't much tempting me to let him (he's lacking SUBSTANCE ... he is purely for entertainment purposes only). so I push him off all night until he finally gives up. Whew!

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