Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Oops - I haven't written Nerd Alert (NA - seemingly appropriate initials) back yet. The email is sitting in my drafts. I can't come up with what to say.

Sure, I'd like that? Um, no.

How about you introduce me to all of your friends and then never try to talk to me again?

Or maybe it is just too late at this point to be anything but honest - I didn't really feel a connection with you ... I forget every time I agree to a set-up that inevitably one of us will reject the other. I guess that is until the "one" shows his ... uh, face.

So match.com has a new site called 'chemistry' which looks to be more like eharmony, but with the unique match.com cheese. you can't search & they send you matches & you say yes or no. on another side note, match has made it so you can't see the people who email you unless you subscribe - they finally caught on to the "you can hit me at 'sexyman' at y! dot com" trick. oh well, guess you gotta resort to the onion for free online dating. I think I'll just go drinking with my friends and hit up all the men for drinks ... much cheaper and usually more entertaining (as well as productive). Sometimes, it is even entertaining for the men.

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