Friday, August 19, 2005

stage 5 clinger

went out with rugby boy a few nights ago. i now realize why i wasn't all that excited about him in the first place. he is a doormat. he is the epitome of "too nice."

and needy

we had drinks and a small bite. i begrudgingly accepted his invite to go to Iota for one more drink. he then offered to ride in the cab with me "to see that i got home safe." i made it perfectly clear that i was tired, drunk and not interested in having him come back to my place. so, of course, he did just that. he said it was so he could "sober up" and then drive home. please.

so i did what any reasonable girl would do: i excused myself to the bathroom and never came back.

the fact that i was curled up on my bed asleep in my clothes should have been clue number 653 that i was not interested, but alas, he decided that i needed to be held, and he curled up beside me!! when he FINALLY left in the morning, i didn't even see him out. just let him leave.

the doormat has no self-respect. he is still sending me text messages and emails. he told dragonfly that he thought i was sad. how about not interested, buddy???? get a clue.


  1. here are my two cents: remember 'Rookie'? enough said.

    okay, i'm not done yet. sounds just like him! OMG!

    and what about milo?? he's a much better cuddler. kick this boy, whoever he is (i'm still catching up) to the curb. the fact that his name is 'rugby boy' sounds oddly similar to 'mr. notre dame' himself--'the rook.' blegh!

    to forewarn: cut the ties now. i'm STILL getting texts from 'rookie' (i HATE that name) OVER A YEAR later. you don't want that, do you?

  2. Well, if he turns into a stalker, let me know. There are *so* many things I've been dying to try with one of those yahoos. :-)