Monday, February 21, 2005

Napkin Guy

Oh my, you would NEVER predict this one. I knew he was cheesy from day one, but almost had to go out with him purely for entertainment purposes. It is all about who has the best story, right? Well, he may win. He wants to me at Mie N Yu. We have a couple of drinks and then go upstairs for some type of tv episode. They gave us free Krystal, so I can't complain, but it was lame. The date was rude and obviously wanted to leave. Not to mention his button down shirt was open down to his belly-button -- um, GROSS!

Then he decided this just wasn't cool enough and we had to go to the Blue Room VIP room. Unfortunately for him, there was a party in the VIP room, and we had to hang with the peons in the rest of the club. I found a very cool guy to chat with while he went to the restroom, but unfortunately, he came back, and I am just too nice. I will get over that eventually.

After he has gotten excessively drunk and the guys at the bar are laughing with me at my date (without him noticing of course), he finally scores his way upstairs. I think the bouncers were just sick of him asking -- he had to have gone over there at least 5 times. We go upstairs, there is nothing going on, and we leave within 10 minutes. Yep. He is SO cool and that was SO worth it.


  1. You forgot cranberry juice guy! The nerve of THAT tool!

  2. CJG is another entry ... believe me, couldn't forget that one! :)