Monday, February 21, 2005


Prada starts the entire phenomenon. I met him on He claimed to have an entire closet full of prada shoes, as well as a personal shopper at neimans. Dont get me wrong, this isn't the type of thing i fall for typically, but then again, i really enjoy laughing at these type of highly materialistic people. i went on match for kicks, and kicks is about all i've gotten out of the entire experience. Prada lasted for approximately a month or so, but he is, shall we say, bi-polar, and completely unpredictable (for lack of a better description).

A few weeks later a friend from school and I figure out that we both dated this guy. He continues to call or email randomly and ask for another chance, but I basically blow him off each time. I haven't heard from him in quite a while now, I guess he finally took a clue.

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