Friday, April 29, 2005


Why is it that people feel as though it is always someone’s job to pick up after them? What tells a person that it is okay to leave their starbucks cup on the table after they leave even though the trashcan is on their way out the door? Clearly this wouldn’t apply in places where people are paid to serve you, but we all know the difference, don’t we? I’m sure I have been guilty on more than one occasion of doing something stupid in this genre or making assumptions that were obvious to others. But in starbucks??? It isn’t like this is the first time you’ve been here. We all know how it works. They are kind enough to let people sit around for hours doing nothing and how do we repay them (ok, besides for the $5 latte)? We let them clean up after us, too. I can bet most of those workers are barely making enough to buy a latte with their hourly wage after taxes.

This is the same for people who feel like throwing trash and cigarette butts out the window is appropriate or not reprehensible. Or the women in bathrooms who get water all over the counter, throw paper towels everywhere or trash the toilets. Where did you grow up? What makes you so god-damned special that you think others should clean up the messes you make?? I wish I had your mother. Mine sure as hell didn’t clean up after me, and I am glad for that now. I know how to wash my own clothes, my own condo and my own dishes. I find myself so disgusted by these people who don’t. It is rude, presumptuous and completely unacceptable, but for some reason I see it on a daily basis.

Sometimes I hate Americans. We are so fucking spoiled, and all we can do is complain about it. Where the hell do we get off?? We have no right to complain about shit. We have everything we need to survive handed to us on a silver platter in comparison to other people in most other countries. As long as you make a reasonable amount of effort to get out of bed and keep a job, you will be fine. Not saying there aren’t the less fortunate here, too, but that’s off topic. And not to say a good rant isn't necessary (what do you think this blog is???), but don't take advantage of others in stupid, inconsiderate ways. Grow up, drink lots, and be merry.

Okay, I’ll end my rant here and get back to studying, or as choofly would say, learn how to fight The Man.

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  1. So much angst!!!

    Let's destroy something!!!