Sunday, April 10, 2005

No Class Wednesdays

The MCs (married chicks) decide that I must meet the new single guy at their work. Conveniently, the New Guy coordinates a happy hour on Wednesday, which just so happens is my night off from class. So, I coordinate with ermmagirl and head over to the bar. Within minutes of walking through the door, he is chatting me up, and things are going along smoothly. It took basically no effort to get him into a conversation. I guess that’s why he is in marketing. I move over to talk with some other friends and never get back to the New Guy. Two of his female friends join him and the groups separate. Wait a minute, don’t they realize that he is mine to assess for the evening? How am I supposed to find out everything wrong about him, critique him like a bad B movie and dismiss him if I can’t even grab his attention away from these two tramps?

Now we’ll have to meet again so that I can size him up appropriately. But that’s what this type of year is great for – happy hours and shameless flirting.

The night ends early, so what’s a single girl to do on her night off? Call the Redhead of course! He doesn’t hesitate to invite me over, and I don’t hesitate to accept. Things are definitely going well on that front, but I’m just not sure how long he’ll be able to hold my attention. I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy myself until I find out.

See? No class on Wednesdays.

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