Monday, April 18, 2005


As I continue to blog about my past, present and future dates, I have to wonder – what if I get found out by my current or past beaus? Obviously, I don’t use names, but it would be undoubtedly obvious to anyone close to me who I am referring to, especially if it is them! Really, does Carrie Bradshaw have this problem? She writes about all of her dirty laundry and never once is it mentioned by the man she is dating. They obviously know she writes a sex column – wouldn’t they read it and think, “She’s talking about me!” even if she wasn’t? Why wasn’t that ever an episode in Sex and the City? Stupid TV writers – what fantasy world are they living in anyway??? I know I would never hear the end of it if one of these fine, upstanding young, um, "men" ever found this site. Not that they don't truly deserve to know the truth of their fuckedupedness ...

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