Friday, April 22, 2005

second thoughts

i am having second thoughts about my last post. not that i think that i am not so much the player, but more that i may have presented it in the wrong light. i am not TRYING to date as many men as possible, but I have not found anyone who has made me want to commit to them in quite some time, possibilities seem to present themselves rather regularly these days, and i seen no reason to tell perfectly good men no, even if i see no future in it. I am just trying to enjoy myself, not limit my options and see what happens. I didn't use to have this so-called problem, so I think it is a combination of narrowing down what I really want and having several choices in front of me to test out.

It is somewhat like a buffet. The fillers are in the beginning. the experts know to skip those or only pick very carefully. the good stuff is at the end, but some of the middle stuff is REALLY yummy and worth your stomach space. so, you test it all out before you commit. after you taste it all, you go back for the best items (and dessert, of course). if you come back to the same buffet multiple times, you eventually know, and go straight for, what's the best. skipping all the crap in between, but still grabbing a couple of the "not as worthy" items just for kicks.

That's where I am in my dating life. I know what's good, but still want a hot buttered roll and the ultimate chocolate dessert here and there. When that perfectly cooked piece of meat shows up, I'll be ready to fully commit and devour it in one sitting. Puns fully intended.


  1. I saw a shirt yesterday that just said:

    P is for PLAYA.

    I want it.