Thursday, April 14, 2005


Ever have one of those nights with one of your friends that you just can’t explain to anyone else? That happened last night. Miss V and I met after work to look at shoes for her wedding. Sounds innocent enough, but I didn’t make it to work today as a result.

Shopping = food = beer = bar = boys = free beer = drunk = stupid = hangover = calling in sick.

Still in our work clothes, we manage to run into a couple of boys who want us to play pool. A friend from class shows up, too, and the night takes off.

PDA, booted out of the bar, after party, broken coffee table, carpet stains … just to throw out a few key words to describe the night. Burnt Orange Shirt guy gets cuter and cuter as he delivers the Stella bottles to us without hesitation. Good man. Unfortunately, he doesn’t live here, and he leaves tomorrow morning. Not that I need the kind of complication that a long distance fling would bring into my life anyway, but he definitely made me laugh more than most guys I’ve know. I’ll blame it on freedom – the freedom to be yourself in front of someone you will most likely never see again. It is rather liberating with just a hint of sadness. I am even free to admit that I’d go on a real date with him, only because it will never happen. My aloofness deserves a vacation every now and then – hopeless crushes are good. And as we all know too well, if there was a chance in hell that he’d be around for any amount of time, I’d pick him apart until all that was left was a meatless carcass.

On a final note, Miss V’s fiancé has officially banned us from planning play dates during the week. The voice mail he left me used words such as

“irresponsible” & “immature” & “not to be trusted”

in combination with the theme of repetition. Like we do this often or something … it has been at least 6 months since the last time we skipped out on work due to an unplanned week night out. A girl has to have a night out every so often. We are not 30 or married yet, why act like it? Hell, most of the time he drives the bus that takes us to Drunken Debauchery Land and although we are trying to escape by climbing out the windows he has us chained to the seats to ensure we endure the entire wild ride. I think he’s just jealous he wasn’t there.


  1. +5 points for using 'meatless carcass' in a post. Good work!


  2. I thought you may like that comment!