Wednesday, April 20, 2005


For years I have never quite understood the male “playa” mentality. Jumping from woman to woman, but keeping them all close enough to call for the occasional date, but never too close in catch they are spotted out with someone else. As an outsider, I view it as degrading to the woman “played” and as perpetuating the social negative male stereotypes. But, this system provides them plenty of guy time and allows them to keep things so casual that a date break is not a complete deal breaker. Besides, it keeps the women interested … everyone wants what they can’t tame.

After a few cocktails and much discussion on my current love life and guys in general, my friend totally calls me out – YOU are the playa!

At first I giggle ... guilty as charged. But after much thought, I begin to wonder what has changed for me that has morphed my complete outlook on dating. Is it a supply/demand issue? Just 5 years ago, most of my girlfriends were young, single hotties out on the town every weekend scoping out the guys. Now, most of my girlfriends are still young hotties, but seriously attached or married. For the men looking for a sensible single woman over 26 or 27, the pool of decent possibilities is seriously depleted. Of course, the number of available men is also on the downturn, but since men tend to mature a bit slower and get married a bit older than women -- the result seems to be a substantial improvement to my single status. Of course, this window of increased opportunity is only so big. Eventually, age will catch up with me and the only available men will be divorcees with children or complete 40 yr old losers that still view partying at Dewey Beach every weekend as the ultimate summer. But I think I will enjoy it while it lasts, but keep my eyes open for that special one that makes me tingle all over …


  1. i can't believe that someone else had to tell you you were the playa.

  2. like you can talk, ms we aren't serious after a year ....