Friday, May 27, 2005

memorial day

Memorial Day weekend. Seemingly appropriate that I do a little memorial of my so-called dating life. It has been admittedly slow, but I do blame only myself for that since I have been pretty much avoiding it. For example, I am heading off for a girls’ weekend today, but thought I would check in and update since I have been so slack recently.

The redhead is still dangling by a thread, but I am thinking that is over. He is trying to be sweet, and it is annoying me. A sure sign that I am just not into him. Considering his age, I feel as though it is only right that I let him know and move on to find someone else. He is probably getting to a point in his life when he’d like to settle down. Not that we have discussed it, but I’m willing to make the assumption. Otherwise, I really don’t mind hanging out with him, and he isn’t inhibiting my social or dating life in any manner, so it wouldn’t be of concern.

The Party Boy still makes an appearance (by phone) every so often. I haven’t seen him since our first adventure, but we keep talking about making future plans. I am definitely not into him, but he is all about having fun and pays for everything, so what the hell?

A new boy entered the picture a couple of weeks ago. He is a friend of dragonfly’s and seems to be very nice. Almost too nice, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get to know him yet. He’s been traveling, and I have had prior plans on any of his free days. I guess we’ll work it out eventually. I haven’t come up with a proper behavior-appropriate name for him yet, but let’s call him Rugby Boy until I know more …

The SG has not been in touch in months. Too bad, he was pretty cool for a while. That being said, I didn’t really feel a real spark with him either, so it is probably for the best. If he did decide to contact me again, there would definitely be no hard feelings. I easily could have contacted him, but didn’t bother either. Again, probably pretty telling.

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