Sunday, May 22, 2005

taco tupee

okay, so i've received many complaints about my recent hiatus from the blog. to be honest, it isn't by choice. i love to blog and tell you all what is going on in my dating life. i have just been crazy busy. who would have thought that i would be more busy after finals??? i have the best social life and the best friends EVER, i cannot deny that fact. as much as i love my laptop, the temptation to go hang out with friends and have drinks on a nice day outside wins ever time. at least i am not THAT much of a cybergeek...

but, let's catch up:

the girls and i were discussing the possible benefits of a brazilian bikini wax (and the permanent laser option as well) and we came to the discussion of what if you decided to permanently remove too much hair?!?! the obvious trend recently is to go completely BARE, but what happens when that trend changes and you've chosen the laser route??? Is there a possible market for taco toupees? Will that be socially acceptable or will women have to get plugs and hope for the best? If so, will they stay in place during THE activity???? How exactly would you keep them in place?? Or is it a done deal and men will just have to deal with what they thought was sexy during this time for the rest of their lives? Maybe this serves them right, but who actually is the victim in this situation? No doubt, the man will be the one to invent and market the taco toupee. And no doubt they will profit from it beyond all sense of reasonableness. I mean, look at the high heel. Whoever thought that would be as popular as it is??? They hurt, they are uncomfortable, they cause long term back problems, but yet, men love the look and therefore women wear them and long for the best version they can create. I admit that I prefer them over flats any day.

Sexual brainwashing.

so many questions. As for the pubic hair question, I think I'll choose to stick to a temporary solution to the trend and only do a permanent option for the always unwanted area (i.e., bikini). isn't exciting to be a female??? so many things to debate....

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  1. Ah, you forgot to mention the best option, the taco toupee comb over.