Thursday, October 27, 2005

wanted: cuddle buddy

sometimes i just want to cuddle. the comfort like a warm blanket, but with a body attached. problem is that most men want to do more than just cuddle. what's a girl to do?

sleep with her friends' husbands of course! luckily my friends don't mind one bit. it is almost as perfect as having a gay friend - someone to cuddle who doesn't want to (or at least wont try to) have sex with you. problem is, they are not available very often.

isn't casual sex an option? you justifiably ask. always, but that takes away from the cuddle factor. you don't spoon casual sex - hell, you probably shouldn't let them stay the night. i'm looking more for the emotional comfort than the sex. but that just doesn't happen. you either have a fuck buddy or a boyfriend. although horny on occasion, the thought of a real life full-time sexual relationship pushes me over the edge i am so dearly trying not to get too close to. i want to skip all the bullshit.

*poof* you are in a long-term perfect relationship, and your man understands when you are sad and just want to cuddle. and he'll begrudgingly have sex with you at the most inopportune moment because you are FINALLY horny - don't blink, you'll miss the window.

but reality doesn't work that way. anyone offering free cuddling services with no strings attached? a slight possibility of sex, but it can't MEAN anything. no feelings involved. impossible. you are emotionally dependent on a cuddle partner, so as a result, you can't casually bump uglies with them, too. no matter what each person says or believes, one party will inevitably develop feelings and/or want more out of the situation.

i guess a kitten and a vibrator (mutually exclusive, for all you sickos out there) will have to do for now.


  1. i hear ya girlfriend. remember 'rookie?' well, we thought we had that whole deal worked out. it was too perfect to be true b/c he did develop feelings and i still feel bad for being 'the guy' in that relationship and simply using him for you know what (i'm on my work computer) but having him as a cuddle buddy to lean on, too. i was able to separate but he wasn't. maybe he's so bitter now though that he might be able to this time. want his number? ;o)

  2. im so down for just cuddle. e-mail me if you want.