Thursday, October 06, 2005

thanks for playing

partyboy: whatcha' doing this weekend?
me: not sure yet
partyboy: wanna do something?
me: no, but thanks
partyboy: nice answer ... lol!

hopefully never to be heard from again. ahhhh ...

it's almost getting lonely these days now that i have managed to make my suitors tired of turn downs from me. i have plenty to keep me occupied through january or so, though. but that makes this blog rather blah, doesn't it? politics is just too boring to blog about (no offense to all you dc politics bloggers - i just don't have the interest to compete with you!); school is just boring to non-lawyers and even most lawyers; work, well, i know better than to blog about work (we've all heard of the termed "dooced"). so, that leaves me with very little to blog about. not that i think i am boring, but aren't blogs in of themselves a type of ego indicator? i mean who are we that we think we are interesting enough that ANYONE would want to read about OUR lives, thoughts, or opinions on anything?

Human nature being what it is however, people are nosy and want to know what everyone else is doing. Those of us willing to share are purely the providers of the gossip - straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

SO, i'll take one for the team, and i'll try to go whore myself out a bit more often for you people. am i not a teamplayer?!?!?

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