Monday, October 10, 2005


Sadness is all around: tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, subway bombings, earthquakes. according to my step-mom, so is the end of the world (aka, the coming of Christ). these events are all prophescies predicted in the bible, dontcha know? Has not EVERY generation thought and said that?? Oh, but no, this is ACTUALLY it. Thanks for playing. I try to explain to her that I just do not believe the same as she does, but she cannot see past her faith. It is unfortunate because otherwise, we are basically on the same page.

Funny story: having a relatively calm conversation about relaxing with my step-mom. Mention that I watch 'Will & Grace' on thrusdays for a laugh. They haven't watched tv for over 10 years and haven't a clue. I explain - BIG mistake. Make light of a sinful behavior??? Ugh. I try to explain that it is important to make light of a behavior that many Americans find reprehensible in order to defeat discrimination, but I end up in a conversation about how we all are sinners and need God to lead us to the correct path. I lost it.

My step-mom surely thought I was about to admit I was gay: I am a very strong advocate for gay rights; I am single at 30 and have no desire to have children. Much to her disappointment, I confirmed that I like men and that I thought it would be much more complicated to date women. I guess that livened the mood a bit, and we moved on to a new conversation. And then the phone rang ... damn, so much material just lost on a moment. My dad had left the scene so much earlier -- wonder where I got my dislike of confrontation?

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