Tuesday, March 14, 2006

spring is in the air!

the trees are starting to bud and the warm weather is teasing us. everyone is in a great mood and excited to be outside basking in the warm sunlight. ahhhh ... flirting season is here! and in case i had forgotten to take notice, i've had a few reminders from the ghosts of dating-past.

party boy inquired as to my st patty's day festivity plans (i have none since i am running a 5K on saturday morning. BORING!)

the redhead has been contacting me much more regularly ... almost daily. tonight was an invite to do my reading at his house while he finished up some work himself. although inviting, i really need to get some stuff done tonight and i know better than to think it will happen over there.

and last, but certainly not least (in the entertainment category, that is), cranberry juice guy tracked me down on myspace. he left a very brief, but telling message: lookin' good! I will most definitely reply, but only after i am sure he has noticed that i have logged on and NOT replied yet. i don't call this blog dating games for nothing! besides, he always plays hard to get, but expects you to be at his beck and call. he will contact you when he wants to hang out, but not a minute (much less a day) before that moment. he calls it being spontaneous. i call it disrespectful, noncommittal and plain out lazy. but he is always good for a few laughs over a spontaneous beer!


  1. now that is more like it. carpe hottie!

    ok - i can't figure out who juice guy is - has it been that long?

  2. I inserted a hyperlink for the readers! :)

  3. YAY, CJG is one of my favorites!!! Can't wait to hear new stories about him.

  4. I appreciate the CORRECT use of the phrase, 'beck and call' instead of the all-too-popular, albeit incorrect, 'beckon call.' blegh. i just threw up in my mouth even writing that incorrectly. +10 points for my fellow grammar nerd.