Monday, March 06, 2006

cheap entertainment

put a harness or collar on a cat that isn't used to wearing one. the cat will contort himself in ways that you could never imagine, and he will continue to do it until that damn thing is off! hours worth of cheap entertainment ...

Is it that obvious that my dating life is a bit slow these days????


  1. this trick will work on bipodal mammals too.

  2. all i got is stories about fish. cats are way funnier than hearing about bluefish being chased by orangefish and oscar the beta. so you are doing better than me!

  3. i guess i have to stop living vicariously through you, ms. independentl.

    nothing good on here in a MONTH. carpe diem, hell carpe hottie! ok - they didn't teach us how to say hottie in latin in law school, but you get the point.

  4. but if you are not going to carpe diem tonight, try putting a clothes pin on your cats tail (just so it grabs the hair, not the tail itself) and watch milo go nuts. i guarantee hours of entertainment!