Thursday, December 15, 2005

holiday fun

Tonight is the company's annual holiday party. I have been to very few social events with this company over the past year, but this one sounds like an event I shouldn’t miss. Not to mention, my boss wouldn’t let me out of it if I tried. She wants to introduce me to a guy that works here. She is all about setting me up on dates. I think I am the replacement for her daughter who is on the other side of the country currently. It is sweet in a way, but also a bit awkward. Also, I have a terrible sinus cold, so I’m sure right as she is introducing us, I’ll cough up a big hunk of phlegm. Men love that in a woman, right? Even if he allows that to pass and continues to chat with me, I am so doped up on meds, when added to wine, I am surely not able to hold anything resembling a socially-acceptable conversation ….

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