Tuesday, August 16, 2005


For the second tuesday in a row, the redhead has called from chipotle in my neighborhood to see if he should deliver my a burrito. pun fully intended. last week i said no. tonight i was hungry.

(pms rules ALWAYS)

I ate the WHOLE thing, and it was good. But, alas, no sex. Barely even a kiss. Not sure what is going on, but he is obviously still interested. He came over even after I told him about my new love. he is extremely allegeric, but still willing to try. sucker.


  1. So basically....a gay man is bringing you burritos now?

    I kid!


  2. eh hem. i can't believe i've never been invited to read this until now. i've only been your friend since 7th grade, but no matter. don't worry about little ole me. anyway.......since i now have MONTHS of reading to catch up on, i'll be quite busy. i'm just stunned you actually published something by ann coulter. no political discussions please, but you wouldn't believe how much i like her. end of story. no comments on that--this is your blog about your dating life, not my political views. i still can't believe it though. of all i've read here, that's the most shocking. i'm so proud of you. :o)

  3. yeah, yeah, yeah ... i have mixed feelings on ms coulter, but what she said about dating in dc is basically on target, so had to go with it.

    Oh, and i DID invite you many moons ago when it was first created, but you ignored me. :(

  4. popie blog is sorry! i didn't ignore it---was just paranoid at work. anyway, i'll be entertained with much reading about your dating life. for the record, i think your new man is the one. milo is IT! stick with him--he'll never leave your side. EVER. love you! this is fun. you might wish you never invited me. i just won't shut up.