Monday, August 29, 2005

reverting to buttercup

remember back in high school and college when it was acceptable, almost expected that you smooched on boys in your close friend circle? unless you are on a tv sitcom, this behavior does not seem like a smart move once you are past a certain point in your life. not that i know exactly when that point was. and apparently, i either haven't moved past it or have chosen to ignore it. nah, i think it is the alcohol. and the fact that i know it isn't smart. and maybe just because everyone keeps telling me it isn't a good idea.

i think he's been looking for this opportunity for a while, got lucky that i have decided to binge drink the past week, and he happened to be there flirting.

lucky for me, my friends sent me and him in opposite directions saturday night. ermmagirl is the queen of cockblocks. i was so hammered that i hit my head on my bathroom tile floor and now have a bruise on my eyelid! glad purple eyeshadow is back in style this year ...

and you thought i would grow out of this behavior!


  1. purple eyeshadow is back? what next? pegging our jeans? or worse, tapered jeans w/ the zipper at the bottom? say it ain't so, ms independent!

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  4. I still accept smooches but I'm married and quite harmless, so yeah. :-D

    I had my eye on you most of the night. There was one guy there in a black shirt who was eyeing you like a piece of meat...gotta watch out for my girl.

  5. What the hell with all the blog spam?

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