Monday, June 06, 2005

what the hell?

the last i spoke to the redhead, he asked if the fact that his profile was still up was an issue. well, he didn't really ask, he just said he hoped it wasn't an issue with us. he hoped that wasn't the reason my profile was active again and causing the awkwardness between us. his profile is always active when i do look at it, which i don't do that often. but tonight, i felt compelled to look at it. his profile hasn't been active in over 5 days. is he trying to say something to me, or is it just a coincidence? i definitely do not think the latter, but not not so sure about the former.

six feet under is on tonight. is it odd that it makes me so happy? it hasn't been on in so long. it makes me feel somewhat normal. maybe because all of the characters are so completely nutty, i seem sane. i love that show ...

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