Tuesday, June 28, 2005

birthday fun

It is my big day. My thirtieth birthday. Can you believe it? I can’t. My friends freakin’ ROCK!!! Gifts, a cake in the shape of a cosmo (pink cake too!), balloons, dinner, drinks … you name it! I even had a birthday princess headband and wand. Love them.

Let us not forget the cake men … many of them. Yummy!!! I guess they are right, I am a man-eater! They are irresistible!

I am not so distraught about leaving my twenties. More about entering adulthood. I am hoping I can still get away with the same shenanigans that I have for the past few years of my life. What else is there exactly?

I’ve had a few too many drinks tonight, so I need to head to bed now. Maybe I’ll run by McDs in the morning just for fun. Haven’t done that since I’ve been 30. Oh, I suddenly see a whole new world of new beginnings in front of me!!!!

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