Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I am starting to get hate messages warning me to blog or else, so here it is. I have put myself on somewhat of a dating hiatus. Not that I'm not communicating with men about possible dates, but just not really following through on them. I have reached a state of apathy currently.

Will he call? Hell, who cares? Not me.

If he does call, often I wait days to return the call if I do at all. Or hope that he is calling to cancel a tentative date.

Just seems like it takes SO MUCH EFFORT these days, and I'd rather hang out with my girl friends (and of course their fabulous beaus). Apparently, though, I am not alone with this feeling. Fish, my favorite blogger, is having a similar experience: http://thisfish.com/Archives/000981.html

Hopefully this notion will pass soon enough or this blog will have to be laid to rest ... and we just can't have that!

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  1. I read the other blog....and all I have to say is this:

    I'm sure there was something else in that article, but I stopped reading after the girl dating part. So if you want to start dating girls now, just make sure you share all the details with me....and I do mean *all* the details. Awwwwwwww yeah.