Saturday, February 02, 2008

Because I should be working

Yes, it is Saturday, but as we all know, I am an attorney, which means I should ALWAYS be working. They drill it in our tiny little brains from the moment we walk through those big beautiful firm doors: bill, Bill, BILL!!!! But we all must take a break. My distraction from the daily grind recently has been flirting with an ex over email. Actually, most wouldn't call it "flirting" since it is only very basic "what are you doing?" emails back and forth. But for this guy (who long pre-dates this blog), contact generally is flirting. He lives in Nashville, so it is far enough away for me to feel safe. No risk of anything more, just innocent, friendly emails. When he's in town, I usually meet him for a couple of drinks and then see his show (he's the bassist for a purty cool band). So I can relive the band groupie days of my early twenties (i.e., get in the show for free and feel super cool because I know all the band members) without the stress of having to do that several times a week. That gets really old - fast.

Okay, now, back to work!

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