Sunday, April 02, 2006

conservative republicans LOVE me

why aren't the ultra cool, liberal types in to me nearly as much as the super yuppie conservative, working-for-the-man-and-liking-it types??? although i do enjoy the challenge on the first initial dates, in the long run we both know it just won't work. unless of course they want to pay off my law school loans while i providing public interest legal services to the less-fortunate around town for the rest of my life. told ya it would never work.


  1. you're right! i'm conservative. and i love you. and if i could, i WOULD pay off your loans. then i would be like 'what?!?! are you CRAZY!!?? you're going to provide FREE services?!?!?!' but i would still love you. and i do still love you, my libby friend. :) and hey, it works for marlee matalin and james'll end up marrying republican will or someone like it i just know it (and pray for it.....actually.......yes i did use the 'p' word.......but i do hope for it just so i have SOMEONE to talk to up there who's on my side when i come to visit! :) :) :)

  2. I have a similar problem. I tend to attract conservative, traditional guys, country guys, and military guys, none of which are my type. Maybe because I have an innocent-looking face? I don't dress like I shop at Walmart or Talbots. I hope to be proven wrong on this, but it seems that a lot of the single, liberal guys in this town have impossibly high standards, especially when it comes to appearance. I feel like I am invisible to most of them. Then again, maybe I am just not radiating the necessary confidence.