Friday, September 16, 2005

the secret to men

I have finally discovered the secret to dating men:


Treat them as you would if you did not have interest in them for anything more than friends. Men want what they think they cannot have. This theory is the basis for that stupid rules book, but they take it much too far.

Keep it simple, like men. Don't call them back, don't reply to their emails and text messages, and don't accept their invitations. Obviously, you must do some of those things every so often to keep them interested, but it really takes about a half of a percent of effort. Problem is, women don't act like that -- they have guilt or feelings of obligations to return a call. Unless of course the woman is not that interested.

That's where I am currently. Not that interested and can't get the redhead or party boy to stop contacting me. Maybe I should start calling them several times a day, along with sending text and email messages. Then I will give them mushy cards, talk about marriage and kids, and talk about what we will do for New Years. I say less than one week of that behavior, and I would be hard-pressed to hear from either again. But that takes so much more effort ... although it would be great for entertainment value.

Please tell me I don't sound as much like a guy as I think I do!

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