Friday, September 02, 2005

off topic

i know that this post has very little (if anything) to do with dating, but i want to remind everyone to donate to a charity asap. whether or not you donate to the red cross or other organization that is directly helping the Katrina victims, charities of all types are going to be affected by this disaster. just by pure numbers alone, i know that some of the victims statistically must have serious diseases and cancers, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and other major health issues. The state of poverty, despair, and utter chaos is going to magnify the existing health problems and add many, many more. Not to mention that there are more poor, homeless, hungry, illiterate children and adults than anyone can imagine and this problem will have an impact on generations to come. People are dying everyday because not enough is being done. We can't all be there obviously, but PLEASE contribute in any way you can. Even $1 will help buy a baby food or water. If you absolutely cannot afford to give, please give blood or volunteer somewhere that is shipping supplies, etc.

The Post has a list of reputable charities, as does FEMA. Also, PetsMart is taking donations to care for the animals that have been abandoned or lost (thanks to ms J for that info). If you need a little incentive, United Airlines is offering 500 bonus miles to people who contribute to three chosen organizations. Pick one or 10, and do it TODAY.

I'll step off of my soapbox now ...

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  1. i appreciate your time up on the soapbox! (thanks for the blurb about the pets, too!!)