Friday, May 09, 2008

Fleeting Thought

During all of this preparation to get my condo in a marketable condition according to my realtor, I have discovered a lot about what I can and can't do (I can't replace a bathroom faucet that has never been touched in over 20 years). Generally, I have been quite surprised at my ability to get it all done - albeit with some generous help from a few friends.

However, there was a point where I almost hit my breaking point from just being tired, stressed, pressured, bruised all over and generally just sick of not being able to relax for 10 minutes. As I carried what seemed like the hundredth load of unknown stuff down to my storage space, with both my arms and legs shaking from fatigue, a little tiny bit of me thought it would be really nice to have a good man around to help me do all of this crap.

As I put away the last bit of stuff and came up to my condo and saw how nice it had all really come together, that tiny fleeting thought was soon dismissed by the much larger and bitchier parts of me that said, "that's such crap!! do you see this place? i can do it all myself and don't need no stinkin' man!!"

Ah, yes, and then I opened a bottle of champagne and enjoyed not having to share any of it.

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